Mangosmoothie + fiber oats

Hey guys! First I have to say how happy I am! This food and picture made me win a breakfast contest today!! :D
Free breakfast for a month from Thank you so mutch!
This breakfast is for 1-2 people.
Mango Smoothie
Cut 1 fresh mango into pieces.
1 tbs coconutoil
6 dl of lactose free 3% yoghurt
Blend it well in a mixer/blender. Enjoy!
Fiber oats with banana
Mix in a bowl 2 dl fiber oats with 2 egg whites and cinnamon. How mutch cinnamon you want is up to you.
Fry in a pan on medium heat until the mix has become a little brown on both sides. (About 3-5 min total)
Top with pieces of banana, natural mixed nuts and chia seeds. Enjoy!
On the side
Crispbread with fried eggyolk. Enjoy!